Who, What, and Why

Presbytery Disaster Preparedness Team

The Presbytery of Hudson River, as an association of 80+ church families, characterizes itself as a passionate people in partnership. As such, it is important to us to be a part of the healing love of Christ by caring for our communities when they are adversely affected by crises and catastrophic events – both natural and human-caused.

From the perspective of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the presbytery is the gateway for an organized response to disaster. To be effective, we recognize the need for careful preparation, communication, and mobilization plans that reach across out many churches and can be activated in a timely manner.

Our Presbytery Disaster Preparedness Team was formed some years ago to organize, coordinate and develop plans for disaster response and recovery by our churches. The team is a sub-committee of Budget, Finance and Property Committee of the Presbytery.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plans

Click Here for HRP Emergency and Disaster Response Plans

This plan defines the roles and responsibilities of the Hudson River Presbytery for response to disasters affecting our immediate churches. It recognizes our relationships with local and national disaster assistance organizations and develops an organization structure and communication pathways within the Presbytery. This plan was developed by the Presbytery’s Disaster Preparedness Team (DPT) and is tailored around training and materials provided by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), a ministry of the PC (USA), supported primarily by One Great Hour of Sharing.

This plan serves as a beginning and expanding system of connecting members of our Presbytery to resources and needs both inside and outside of our boundaries.

While the primary focus of this plan is to ensure the readiness of the Presbytery, it is also recognized that all disasters are local. Therefore, pastors play a key leadership role in disaster situations and often require an extra measure of emotional and spiritual support.


This web site was originally used as a platform for developing an on-line disaster preparedness training program for the congregations in the Presbytery. With our new web address comes the prospect that the Disaster Preparedness Team can provide other services as well – safety tips, policy changes, local disaster response and recovery news, blog discussions and well, whatever fits.

Initially though we have a fairly comprehensive training program to help get your church disaster plans rolling. Please look through the lessons in the Training menu to the right. Leave a comment if you wish.

I apologize for the likely typos and glitches caused by the migration of this site from the previous host.  I will continue to correct the mistakes as I become aware of them.

You should know this site is hosted by WordPress.  The host has the right to post ads on the site from time to time.  Any such ads do not necessarily represent the views or support of the Presbytery of Hudson River or its Disaster Preparedness Team.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers.

O God, our times are in your hand.  In the midst of uncertainty lead us by your never-failing grace as we seek to be agents of healing and hope.  Walk with us through difficult times; watch over us in danger; and give to us a spirit of love and compassion for those who suffer and mourn.  And finally remind us that you have promised never to leave us so that even in the valley of the shadow of death your love may be felt, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN.

This site was created in 2016 and 2017 by the Disaster Preparedness Team of the Presbytery of Hudson River.

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